Terminal Multiplexers Screen

What allows you to make a multiplexer? A multiplexer allows you: Use multiple shell windows from an ssh connection. Keep the shell active even if the network connection is broken. Disconnect and reconnect to a shell session from multiple locations. Run long-term processes without having a terminal running. It has many uses. One of the best known multiplexers (which we will talk about today) is screen. Next time we will talk about other multiplexers like tmux and byobu.


PartyLoud is a interesting project. This is a tool to create fake traffic in order to mitigate tracking on local networks. The idea behind this script is that if you make a lot of noise on the network (in the form of http requests) it will be less easy for an attacker to track your real navigation. This project is based on Features Configurable urls list (partyloud.conf) and blocklist (badwords).